What is Home Security?

April 24, 2012

Generally home security consists of different kinds of cameras and sensors placed throughout your home. The security system is activated by the home owner and if while activated someone else causes one of the sensors to be tripped then the alarm goes off or the alarm system dials out through the phone line and notifies the security company.

Home security systems have been around for a long time. You see the security system stickers in windows and on signs in the front yard, hoping to keep any would-be burglars from even attempting to break into your home.

What’s New with Home Security?

So what exactly does Home Security mean in the context of NextGen Digital Home? Basic security systems still require sensors located throughout your home. The difference today is that more and more of them are integrated into your home network.

The newer technologies give you the ability to log into your home security system remotely via the internet. Maybe you forgot to activate the system before leaving your home, and now you want to do this using your smart phone. Or maybe you simply want to check out your home using the cameras you have placed around the house and connected to your home network.

The Home Network is the Hub

The home network is fast becoming the central hub for all of your technological advancements. Much the same as plugging them into an electrical outlet for power, they need a data connection to your home network so that you can control them and also view their status or video content.

Ideally you would plug new devices into your electrical outlet and not only would they have an energy source but also a way to communicate with the rest of your home network. There are ways this can be done using X10 technology. However, just as easy would be using your home networks’ WIFI network. The same network which talks to your computers, televisions, and portable smart phone and tablet devices.

The new Digital Homes take advantage of the home network so that all of this technology works together.

Home Security works Great with Home Automation

There is a good deal of overlap between digitally connected home security and home automation. Being able to control the lights in your home using a software program that randomly selects which light to turn on and the intensity of the amount of light, would be great for security purposes when your family is gone from the home.

How great would it be to login to your home security system remotely, check out the cameras and see something suspicious going on in your home? With the same network connection and software you could activate lighting to see something better or to scare someone away. Or maybe even remotely close the curtains or shades.

Design Your Own Home Security

This may not be your own personal strength to design your own system. If you have serious concerns about home security and want the most reliable and the best, then call a professional and have it done right. They probably even offer options for connecting it to your home networks.

If you’re more of a hobbyist and simply want some cameras located throughout your home which you can see remotely, then many options exist today.

Your local cable TV provider may also be already offering you home security options as part of their monthly service to you. It will come at a cost; they’re not in the business to give away services. They may also have upfront costs to purchase the extra equipment. They may also use proprietary technology, making it difficult, if not impossible, for you to expand your security options without purchasing it through them.

Do your own research and decide on what the best option is for keeping your home safe and secure!

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