New movies at Netflix this week

These are new releases by Netflix for this current week. Netflix is a bit secretive about publishing popular theater movie new releases beyond the current week as it increases demand for the movie upon release. Netflix does not have an unlimited availability of DVD’s or Blu-ray disc’s to satisfy this kind of demand.

    • Collide June 29, 2017

      After becoming a driver for a European drug cartel, American backpacker Casey Stein ends up on the run when a heist goes awry. With ruthless gangsters in pursuit, Casey must race against the clock to save his girlfriend’s life — and himself.

    • Power Rangers June 29, 2017

      When their hometown of Angel Grove becomes threatened by alien monsters led by the villainous Rita Repulsa, five superhero teens suit up to save their community — and the planet — from obliteration.

    • The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog June 29, 2017

      With his third feature film, Alfred Hitchcock (Psycho), took a major step toward greatness and made what he would come to consider his true directorial debut. This haunting silent thriller tells the tale of a mysterious young man (matinee idol IVOR NOVELLO) who takes up residence at a London boardinghouse, just as a killer who preys on blonde women, known as the Avenger, descends upon the city.

    • Before I Fall June 29, 2017

      Ravishing and popular, Samantha Kingston is living the teenage dream until the day that is her last — except that she keeps on reliving it until she comes to understand what her life is really all about.

    • Heli June 29, 2017

      After his father vanishes, young Heli searches for him in a part of Mexico where people work either at an auto plant or for the local drug cartel. Along the way, Heli comes face-to-face with drug trafficking, sexual exploitation and corrupt cops.

    • Pirates June 29, 2017

      This gripping pirate double-feature delves deep into the story of the true-life pirates of the Caribbean. Blackbeard delves into the frightening reign of terror that this notorious outlaw has along the east coast of America, and Britain’s Outlaws further examines the life of Blackbeard as well as Captain Kidd, Calico Jack, and others to illustrate the devastating impact that pirates had during an era of colonial expansion and how, by plundering the vast network for seaborne trade, they became the most wanted outlaws in the world.

    • T2: Trainspotting June 29, 2017

      Two decades after the original cult hit, once-heroin-addicted pals Sick Boy, Renton, Begbie and Spud return to the big screen in a story involving the porn industry, which they’ve all become connected with in one way or another.

    • Berlin Syndrome June 29, 2017

      A holiday fling in Berlin turns into something far more sinister when Australian photojournalist Clare spends a passionate night with a man who refuses to part with her, imprisoning her in his apartment as he goes about his business.

    • Grey Lady June 29, 2017

      Traveling to the island of Nantucket to find the person who killed his partner, Boston police detective James Doyle gets more than he bargained for as his hunt leads to the discovery of terrible secrets from his family’s past.

    • Legion of Brothers June 29, 2017

      In the immediate wake of 9/11, the U.S. military sent small units of Green Berets into Afghanistan, seeking to forge alliances with rebel groups. As chronicled in this documentary, their partnership helped rout the Taliban within months.