LED Light Up Balloons

January 18, 2016
LED colored balloons multiple

Kids love lighting up the dark with LED light up balloons. If you’ve ever given a child a glow-in-the-dark toy or even a flash light, the first thing they want to do is turn the lights out to see what it looks like in the dark. Technology changes over the years have made this possible even with balloons.

One of the simple activities our kids enjoy is when we blow up a balloon and let them hit it around the room. The object is to keep the balloon in the air without it hitting the floor with different people taking their turn at hitting it. The dogs even like this game, they get in the fun when the it hits the floor.

Now imagine doing this in the dark with a balloon that light up – it becomes a whole different game. Of course you need to be careful with the room you do this in, not to break anything. It also does not need to be completely dark to play the game.

This sounds like a great idea for a kid’s party. Let’s look at a few different options that are best.

Party TimeGlow in the Dark Party Ideas

The first glow in the dark party idea is to use White LED Light Up Balloons. These are white, which makes them easy to see and the LED’s will stay lit for hours, if not days. These are not only great for kids, but also are good for all kinds of different events: weddings, birthdays, holiday and family reunions.

Glow in the Dark Balloons

Another option for glow in the dark balloons are colored LED light up balloons. These provide a mix of colors which light up the dark in style. They are inexpensive and the #1 new release in the kids party balloon category.

Kids can go crazy with these colored filled flashy balloons. They are a simple way to create a fun filled atmosphere for your kid’s party.

Light Up Ice Cubes

LED Ice cubes blueA third option for your kids party which works well with balloons is light up ice cubes. These LED Light Up Blinky Ice Cubes are inexpensive and help decorate your party environment. They measure 1.2 inches wide and are made of FDA approved plastic and make any occasion better.

These can be turned on and off and have different modes for slow flashing, fast flashing and constant on. These are available in different colors also.
Add excitement to your next kids’ party! You can turn down the room lights and light up the room instead with some of these colorful LED light up balloons and ice cubes.