Is Sony Developing a New Kind of TV?

November 15, 2011

With the price of TV’s continuously dropping, it’s getting harder and harder for manufactures to turn a profit on making TV’s. Now that the flat panel LCD’s have been on the market for a while, the different manufactured models have mostly the same features and shoppers are buying new televisions based on the lowest price.

In the article “CEO Says Sony Developing New Kind of TV”, Shara Tibken indicates that Sony is indeed working hard to develop the “New TV” with features that distinguish there models from their competition.

“Sony Corp.’s chief executive said Thursday that the Japanese electronics giant is well-positioned to turn out the innovative products needed to re-energize the television market, even as it faces design-savvy competitors like Apple Inc.”

“Sony isn’t alone in struggling to turn a profit in the TV market. Manufacturers are finding it more difficult to establish the differences among models, so consumers often choose the least expensive one available.”

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What we think at NextGen Digital Home:

Innovation is always a good thing. Sony is a well known brand with quality products. We would also expect the newer TV’s to become more and more integrated with shoppers home networks. This will in turn give consumers a more flexibility in the selecting from different media content sources for their entertainment.