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Home Entertainment Networking for Everyone

  • Do you want to be able to browse your entire DVD collection using a remote control in the kitchen so that the kids can watch a Disney movie?
  • Do you want to watch some favorite YouTube clips with your friends on your family room TV?
  • Do you want to watch live TV on your Tablet while relaxing out in the back yard?
  • Do you want to have access to the same music recordings on any computer in the house?

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY is making all of this possible along with much more.

Does all this sound complicated? No, not at all and in fact you probably own some of the components already. The best thing is that in many cases you can make use of your current and aging computer hardware and then add new parts to your system one at a time in order to maximize your entertainment experience.

A home multimedia network is no longer for the technically elite only – it’s very much in reach for all.

Time to “Cut the Cable”?

Not necessarily.

Most home owner’s cable television monthly bills have sky rocketed in recent years with the growth of high definition TV and movie channels. Combine that with the fact that most cable and satellite TV providers charge by the number of devices connected to their network. Bottom line is that many home owners would jump at the opportunity to cut their monthly cable bill and reduce their expenses.

The problem with cutting the cable is that a home entertainment network by itself does not provide your entertainment content. TV content is provided by multiple sources, depending on an individual’s likes and dislikes.

If your enjoyment comes from watching movies that you have purchased the DVD’s for, then you may want to upload those into your multimedia network and have the option to watch them from any TV in the house.

If your enjoyment comes from watching TV shows and movies directly from the internet, then you may want to have your internet connection integrated with your home multimedia network so that you can select and watch these from any of your devices in your home.

If your enjoyment comes from watching standard network and cable television programming, then you may want to continue your cable connection, choosing instead to integrate with your home entertainment system through the use of a cable card. The result is to eliminate the number of setup boxes provided by your local cable provider and reducing the cost of your monthly bill.

Home Entertainment System Overview

Home Entertainment System Overview

Pros of your own personal Home Entertainment Network:

  • Watch, pause, and record HDTV
  • Watch DVDs
  • Listen to your own music recordings
  • Show off your own digital photos to family and friends on any of your TV’s
  • Watch online shows from the Internet
  • Do all of the above activities from any PC or TV in your home.
  • Avoid the costs and limitations of setup boxes provided by your cable company or satellite TV provider.

It is NOT an All or Nothing System

Setting up your own home entertainment network is not an all or nothing approach.

You can start small, build on your successes and enjoy your system as you go. Learn and refine your system with new technologies as they become available and/or you can afford them.

A whole house entertainment system is the ultimate goal, if that is what you want, but there can many different options in between that can help you to gain access to your different entertainment media.

In Summary

We can help you to understand the different parts of a home entertainment network and how easy it is to assemble them into a complete, functional network.

Remember… It is easy to do and this home entertainment network can be built one piece at a time.