Control Your Home Thermostat with Your Voice

November 21, 2011

It’s not been that long since Apple released their iPhone 4S. Many users have already become impressed with the Siri voice control that is a feature of this phone. With it, users can speak into their phone with a natural voice and send text messages, turn on or off phone features such as the alarm and ask for direction via the navigator.

Since the iPhone 4S’s released, it hasn’t taken long for someone technically inclined with Apply products to figure out how to hack the Siri voice control feature to control things other than the iPhone, such as your home thermostat. Be warned though, it’s not a simple task to do this and there is currently no app available for you to download. There is also the chance that Apple could prevent this feature from being hacked in the future.

Bu one has to wonder just how far away this high-tech form of communication with our house really is? It’s only a matter of time before we’re telling our home to turn off the lights, turn the furnace temperature down, and more. High tech tasks which have traditionally been done only in the science fiction movies.

Source: Siri hack allows voice control of home thermostat