Buyers Guide Overview

April 11, 2012

Frequently home owners are forced to buy home networking and entertainment equipment without understanding how these purchases will work with other equipment purchased. Ideally you would work with a home technology contractor who could best advise you on what to do for you individual home.

Home contractors of any kind are not generally inexpensive. So what most of us home owners do is what’s commonly referred to as “Do It Yourself”.

It’s these kinds of home owners these buyer guides are geared toward. It’s hard to find a complete home owners guide for everything involved in home networking, whole house entertainment, automation, etc. If a person did write such a guide, chances are that most people would not understand it.

Also, technology advances quickly in today’s society and not everyone can afford to implement the latest and greatest all at one time. Most home owners do it in stages, typically what’s needed most or interests them most at that time.

The NextGen Digital Home Buyers Guides are focused to meet these needs. In many cases they will recommend specific products. The goal however, is to explain how multiple products would work best together to solve a home networking, entertainment or automation need.

Our first one, “Home Computer Backup Strategies” is focused on implementing a good backup strategy for your home computers. It’s not all encompassing, but gives you the basics to implement protects of your important data.

I suspect that many home owners do not have any kind of backup strategy, so even a basic one would be beneficial. There are a lot of different ways it can be done, but at least one needs to be chosen and implemented.

The second one is on making your home gateway scalable. This doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, commercial grade (and expensive) equipment. But rather involves such strategies are being able to switch internet broadband providers without having everything in your home network stop working.

Society is becoming more digitally connected every day. We hope to keep your digital home in the greatest technology advances through the use of our buyer’s guides.